Blue jeans

Big jacket

Shitckicker boots


Dark glasses

Maybe they need cleaning

I'll squint through them to look at the clouds

Just let me check how bright it is
  oh right it's not

I'll sit backwards on the bus on purpose because I am too cool

Clean my hands with my multitool

Yes it's not a flickknife but you can just pretend, ok?


I'll have to push the button now

You know

Not the real one, the one you're only allowed to push if you're in a wheelchair

I just break the rules because I can

I'm like that you see

A bit of a rebel

Maybe I do need to wear those glasses while I'm inside

I'm determined

I know what I want

I can push the button and get off in one smooth motion

And I'm gone

I can probably speak more languages

And have lived in more countries

Than the number of times you've contracted tinea